Sagacity HR’s training programs develop skills and behaviors that promote professional development and create a talented and effective workforce.  Designed to meet your business needs, Sagacity HR  specializes in customized leadership, performance management and mental health in the workplace  training programs.

Example of a customized training program:

Managing Performance Without Performance Ratings 

A trend is emerging as businesses eliminate the rating and ranking of employees from their performance management processes.  Several major companies such as Deloitte, Adobe, Microsoft and Expedia have already redesigned their performance management programs and eliminated ratings as part of the change.  As this trend gains traction, business and HR leaders look for alternatives that motivate employees while ensuring decisions in selection, compensation and performance management are made in a fair and defensible way.  This program is a practical case study of the issues a company faces when redesigning the performance management process.  Alternative solutions, risk mitigation, the role of technology, communication and measures of success will be covered.

Attendees will learn the following:

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of a company’s performance management programs and processes and propose alternatives.
  2. Create a performance management process that builds skills and advances the company’s business priorities without the use of ratings or rankings.
  3. Design compensation and training and development plans that support performance management.